Qui manducat word order
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    Many books give "Qui manducat carnem meam" but the polyphony at CPDL's text page mostly has "meam carnem". Anyone already looked into this? Izawa starts with "Dicit Dominus:", making me suspect there are multiple contexts.
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    There are three instances of Qui manducat in the LU. Two of them, for which the verse begins at Caro mea ... have Qui manducat mean carnem (Corpus Christi Alleluia verse; Sept. 3 St Pius X, Communion verse). The third instance is the Communion for the 9th Sunday after Pentecost, which has the verse Qui manducat carnem meam.
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    Many years ago (about 55 or so, at All Saints in Princeton), I sang the Alessandro Scarlatti "Caro mea vere est cibus" - which is a lovely motet. The score seems to be no longer available (I may have a copy buried amongst boxes that haven't been opened in years). But here is a lovely performance:

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    Both the Vulgate and and the new version have 'meam carnem' just twice in John 6. As 'carnem meam' it occurs three times in the OT (eg wine to cheer my body), and once figuratively by St Paul Rom. 11:14.
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