Music for Juneteenth
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    Perhaps, but I was referencing my own state in terms of slavery. There are other cultures and maybe even more than nine.
  • Chonak,

    Which book is this? I would really like to read it.
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    The Nine Nations of North America
    Book by Joel Garreau
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    though it really means the USA and Canada. And it's about 40 years old now and dated.
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    Why stop at nine? Garreau at least doesn't divide 'Dixie' into two, and my point is that the notion that one can neatly sort "Negro Spirituals" and "White Spirituals" doesn't survive even a cursory reading of the genre's history.
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    Hey, even New England is more than six states in terms of cultural regions, even into current times, even if it still retains (except at the SW edge) a fairly strong provincial coherence. And that's not even touching language!

    By happenstance I came across both this thread and this motet for the first time within minutes of each other …
  • Excuse me for sounding younger than my age, but

    Very cool! Thank you for locating this motet. I wouldn't have thought to look for it.