Any Good News?
  • tomjaw
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    Does this mean that the bishop prohibits communion on the tongue explicitly "during" mass? (???)

    He can't do that, but they try to bully priests into doing this. I suspect that it is safer for a priest to not have General Communion as part of Mass and instead give people the option of receiving the Blessed Sacrament afterwards.

    I have no problem with this as this was normal way over 100 years ago. It can also solve a number of the abuses that have become common, due to having General communion as part of Mass.
  • CharlesW
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    Elmar, don't ask. I think he genuinely means well and is following the medical advice he has been given. I am convinced he doesn't want anyone to get sick. I suspect we will all survive until things get back to normal - at least I hope we do.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    There's a sign on the church door, 'one way' and an arrow pointing in :-) ...
    but no times, and the door was locked :-(
  • m_r_taylor
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    I am tomorrow to become a godfather.
  • Congratulations! (I'm assuming that you don't mean that you're becoming the head of a crime family.)
  • m_r_taylor
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    Why not both?
  • m_r_taylor
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    I'm now a godfather, the smell of chrism still on my shoulder! Godson took the descent of the Holy Spirit very calmly. Only thing he didn't like was the chrism also on his chest.
  • m_r_taylor
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    One upgrade from other, more famous godfathers is that I refrained from ordering a citywide purge-by-assassination of my rival gangs' leadership whilst holding the wee babe. Pat myself on the back for that one.