Cantica Sacra - Pentecost
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    I received an email today from Ken Myers, a friend from Charlottesville, VA. He is music director at All Saints' Anglican Church in Ivy, VA, and founder of Mars Hill Audio. His small choir (max about 8 singers) has previously sung "Let Thy Blood in Mercy Poured" (to my tune RASMUS, several times), as well as my anthem "This Advent Moon" (which comprises the first three stanzas of Christina Rosettti's poem "Advent" - 1858).

    Ken wrote to let me know that, during the shutdown at his church from the pandemic, his choir had not sung since March 15th, but that he has had singers do some singing and recording from home; in particular, they had just recorded "Come Down, O Love Divine" and used my descant on the final stanza. It's just been posted for Pentecost/Whitsunday on this Cantica Sacra page:

    Cantica Sacra is a fairly recent website of Ken's, very interesting with lots of information and sacred musical links & videos, well worth perusing.

    To save the trouble of having to go to the website to hear the recording of the hymn, I'm attaching it here.
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