Summer online Gregorian Chant Course - Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB
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    Gregorian Chant (Online)
    May 22 – July 25, 2020, one credit
    Instructor: Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB

    Content: Comprehensive introduction to Gregorian Chant, with practical emphasis on singing it in the liturgy. Treatment of historical development, notation, modality, rhythmic interpretation, repertoire and liturgical use, Latin pronunciation, English adaptations, and conducting. Some knowledge of the basics of music theory is expected.

    Format: Asynchronous, done at the student’s own pace over the course of each week. Several 15-30 min. instructional videos each week for a total of c. 2 to 2½ hours viewing weekly, plus c. 2-4 hours weekly of individual study, reading, exercises, and submissions. Participants should have the capability of submitting short videos of their singing (and optionally, conducting), which are typically made with laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

    Total Tuition (one credit) $425
    Student Life Fee $25 (This covers IT Services support.)
    Required text: Anthony Ruff, Canticum novum (GIA, 2012)

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