Motets for the upcoming feasts
  • Thursday is St. Catherine of Sienna's feast day. She, you may remember, told a particular pope that he belonged back in Rome rather than Avignon. Accordingly, even if we can't sing these motets on her feast day at a Solemn Pontifical Mass, does anyone know of motets particularly sung for her festival?

    Friday is May 1st, St. Joseph the Workman, who is also patron of the Universal Church. (As it turns out, it's also a First Friday, and so coupled to the Sacred Heart). With First Saturday being the next day, are there any non-Christmas motets in honor of the Holy Family? Or motets to honor St. Joseph?
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    The Dominican breviary has 3 Hymns,
    Haec tuae Virgo monumenta laudis
    Laudibus Virgo nimis efferenda,
    in the Matutinum pg. 147 (76)
    Jam ferox ,iles tibi siepe cessit
    and plenty of other Antiphons etc. from the office.
    They also have a Proper Mass, see below,
    These can be found in the Antiphonal and Graduale linked off the resources page.
    EDIT, have added links to the chants.
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    We sing the hymn Te Joseph Celebrent whenever we need Joseph; it's not particularly Christmassy as things Josephine go. RISM gives a ton of polyphonic settings, 5 of which are available digitally. They tend to be Baroque and later, so suffer under the prejudice against the Church's later patrimony, and the general neglect of Joseph

    For Holy Family we do something for Jesus, something for Mary, something for Joseph.
  • Tom,

    Do you know of polyphonic settings of these?
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    @Chris Garton-Zavesky

    I just knew that the Dominicans had a Mass and Proper Office so looked it up. I have just done a quick search on CPDL and did not find anything. The problem with some saints is they have very little music written for them. I suspect that Catherine does not have much due to being added to the universal calendar in 1597 (a bit late), and importantly did the Dominicans go in for Polyphony?

    What I would suggest is sing something for Virgins there must be polyphonic settings of parts of that Common. Sorry I can't be of more help, although I am sure someone on the Forum can help. Have had another look on CPDL, and another Catherine who has far more music written for her. I think this may be suitable for tomorrows feast,

    Proper Mass pg 458 of Graduale etc.
    INT. Mihi adhaerere Deo
    REP. Quasi stella matutina
    TRACT. Defecit caro mea
    ALL. Sideribus cunctis
    ALL (T.P.). Surrexit ... et occurrens,
    OFF. Veritatem dico in Christo
    COM. Benedicta es tu filia,
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    general neglect of Joseph

    This is a bit unfair, his problem is he does not have a tomb / relics. His original feast falls in Lent, so limiting any major celebration. Also his Feast today, the Solemnity was only made universal in 1847, and then moved from the 3rd Sunday after Easter to the 3rd Wednesday before being replaced by the worker feast in the 60's.
  • Tom,

    Thank you.
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    All that comes up in RISM for Haec tuae Virgo is this, which appears to be accompanied chant from 1770

    Nothing for the other 2 hymns.
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    I suppose the 5 Te Joseph online are these, but CPDL also has a sixth and IMSLP another. The California Missions gave prominence to Joseph; have a look if you can at Silva's book.
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    Well, the "general neglect of Joseph" is a liturgical/cultus thing until modern times, when developments quickly tried to make up for lost time.
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    I suppose the 5 Te Joseph online are these.

    Actually, none of the above! The 5 with links from RISM are:
    1. Anon SATB (ms. from 1770-there are 3 anons, and 30 hymn settings by Johann Stadlmayr, who was about 150 years earlier
    2. Johann Sebastian Diez (1711-1793) SATB, in chorale style
    3. Franz Xaver Schmid (1797-1865) SATB org
    4. Johann Valentin Rathgeber, S solo, SATB, orch (strings, 2 horns, bc)
    5. Johann David Heinichen, SATB orch (strings, 2 ob, BC)

    They're all manuscript, mostly parts, so "some assembly required"
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    St. Catherine's vespers hymn, courtesy tomjaw:
  • tomjaw
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    are there any non-Christmas motets in honor of the Holy Family? Or motets to honor St. Joseph?

    We sing this for St. Joseph,
    Otherwise, CPDL
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