Marco Brunelli, Abide with me
  • Dear Forum members,
    I am Marco Brunelli, and I am 24 years old. I am the organist of St. James Church and St. Michael Church in Pieve San Giacomo (Cremona, Italy). I want to offer you my "Abide with me" version and know if you like it. It's for white voices (of female voices) and string quartet. Would anyone like to propose it in parishes?
    Thank you, have a nice Sunday!
    Marco Brunelli
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  • Maestro,

    I have a language question for you. What does "white voices" translate from Italian, and how do you come to render it "of female voices"?

    I shall send this to family members who play stringed instruments.
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  • white voices (voci bianche, children voices) or female voices (sopranos and altos).
    Thank you very much
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    Do you have a recording or MIDI file of a performance?
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  • Maestro,

    I wonder how bianche comes to mean "children". Is it to do with innocence, perhaps? Candid, for example, can mean "unvarnished", or "pure" or "white" or "sure to be unwelcome".
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    'Uncolored', I've always imagined.
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  • In Italy "white voices" mean "innoncent voices"
  • irishtenor Unfortunately no
  • Here is the mp3 files
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