Emerging from my cocoon, I notice Peter K's article on the Vatican CDWDS decrees updating the TLM
  • https://onepeterfive.com/vatican-issues-two-decrees-more-prefaces-and-recent-saints-in-the-tlm/

    Since Peter has something cautiously positive to say about a Vatican reform of the TLM, I want to see what musical ramifications there might be.

    1) Has anyone seen the new optional Propers, if they exist?
    2) What music (motets, or Propers settings) might be newly composed (or rescued or rediscovered) for the new feasts?
    3) Might there be new polyphonic Masses composed for these?
  • tomjaw
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    My reading of the decree, was that for any new Saint you would choose from one of the appropriate Common Masses. I agree that it would be better (or more in keeping with the E.F. to go through the new Saints and officially choose a particular option, that everybody (EF) would use.

    The Diocese of Chur, got permission to use the O.F. Propers for St. Maximillian Kolbe in the E.F. Unfortunately this was not a good idea as all but the Tract and part of another Proper do not have Chant settings. They have been looking for someone to write chant settings that can then be approved. I have found a couple of volunteers but in the last 2 years they have not produced anything. Of course Solesmes seem to have lost interest in writing new Propers

    Ideally a commission should look through the various Propers that have fallen into disuse, or are not used in the Roman Rite, and see how many of the new Saints would make a good match with those texts. They can then produce a supplement to the E.F. calendar.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    Note that the decrees do NOT come from CDWDS but the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. CDF has responsibility now for PCED, previously it was divided between CDF and CDWDS. [This was a change SSPX wanted.]
    CDWDS is, shall we say, not usually a proposer of change, which aligns it with the attitude of it's predecessor SRC.