English version of the "Ave (Maria) di Nazaret"?
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    I was thinking of singing the "Ave Maria di Nazaret" for the Annunciation. It is very popular in the Holy Land, and it's the tune played by the bells of the Annunciation basilica. I wanted to include English verses in addition to Latin. Anyone know if there is an English version? They sing an Arabic version in Nazareth but I haven't found an English version (one that fits the melody).

    Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppAtOm8fyrs


    Ave clemens, Ave pia,
    Ave dulcis, O Maria;
    Ave, Ave, plena gratia,
    O Maria.

    1. Ave, mane sonet pie;
    Ave, medio sub die
    Ave, sonnet vespere.
    Ave, Ave Maria.

    2. Ave, resonet in caelis,
    Quod ex ore Gabrielis
    Felix Virgo, prodiit.
    Ave, Ave Maria.

    3. Cunctis populis veracem,
    Dei Mater, dona pacem,
    Triumphum Ecclesiae.
    Ave, Ave Maria.

    4. Christo Regi sit victoria,
    Trinitati decus, gloria,
    Te replenti gaudio.
    Ave, Ave Maria.