Heartfelt thanks
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    My 2020 New Year's Resolution is:
    Write more music.

    A necessary part of that is: go back and study the music I have loved more closely.
    So that's how I found myself Googling modal theory and starting threads about chant harmonization.

    And - to my delight but not my surprise - I find myself back here, in this weird little community where I spent so much of my time, and where I have asked all of my questions already, and already had them answered. (This feels like a metaphor for something...)

    Every Google search leads back here, where these questions have been asked (over and over) and patiently answered in several dozen threads. (Along with a stunning number of rare book scans on Jeff Ostrowski's site.)

    So anyway I just DLed like a 1000 pages of chant theory which I will definitely read.

    Thank you all for making church music a little more beautiful, and making the world a little more weirder.

    Oh and especially thank you to Richard Chonak (@chonak) for maintaining this forum for all these years. PDFs uploaded a decade ago are still available? Amazing.
  • Welcome back. This is an enduringly great internet Oasis. But brightened by your return, Adam.
  • I hear you have opinions on WLPGIA...

    I, for one, would love to know them.
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    > opinions on WLPGIA

    shared in the relevant thread
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    Don't forget WOTLP

    (Way Out There, Like Pluto)