Couperin Messe pour les Couvents - Announcement
  • ghmus7
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    Dear Friends:
    Director of Sacred Music, Dr. Gregory Hamilton
    and the Schola Cantorum will be presenting the
    Messe pour les Couvents (Mass for the convent)
    at Holy Trinity Seminary:

    Sunday November 10th @ 4:00

    This concert will feature the Messe pour les Couvents by Francois Couperin,
    considered one of the most beautiful organ masses ever composed.
    The work will also feature the HTS Schola Cantorum,
    presenting Gregorian Chant accompanying the score.

    All are welcome, admission is free.

    Holy Trinity Seminary
    3131 Vince Hagan Dr.
    Irving Tx 75062
  • Ah! Hopefully I can attend. Is Nicholas Weiss part of the schola?
  • I'm tempted to drive uup to Dallas (Irving) just for this.
    We'll see.
  • ghmus7
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    Ah MJO, i can put you up in my house if you come!
    ClemensRomanus: YES Nick is indeed in the schola, how do you know him?
    Thanked by 1M. Jackson Osborn
  • RCS333
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    Sounds wonderful. Wish I lived in the area!