Position Open: Lay clerk: Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Central Garage, VA
  • The choirmaster for Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in the Richmond, VA area is seeking a lay clerk within the tenor or bass vocal range who is accustomed to singing the historic music of the medieval Roman Catholic Church. A decent ability to sing plainsong/gregorian chant is thereby required. An ability in singing more simple polyphonic and homophonic music for two to three voices is also required. Some ability in either sight reading or music playing with an instrument to learn melodies from both modern and neume (chant) notation is important.

    At present the main service requirement is assisting in singing at one Holy Mass every Sunday morning at 9 AM, as well as approximately one weekday evening a month for Feast Day Liturgies (which may also include Vespers). In the future a regular Saturday Vespers service will also be required but with perhaps more leniency if unable to attend every Saturday.
    Our liturgical norms follow what is a hybrid Anglican Use/Tridentine Mass (Liturgy of St Tikhon) but our divine office, as well as our mass propers , are entirely from the 1534 Sarum (Salisbury Use) Roman Rite (Graduale Sarisburiense/Sarum Graduale and Order of Vespers throughout the year: from the Salisbury use, S Mary's Press, 1947).

    While our ideal is that the candidate be a member of the (Eastern) Orthodox Church, we are open to candidates from other Church backgrounds as well, including the Roman Catholic and "traditional" Anglicans. Aside from a few propers, most of the musical settings we use are not the most difficult , nor the most simple, but are quite beautiful, fulfilling, ancient and traditional. This job is not intensely difficult for someone with experience and passion for the sacred music traditions of the Latin Church.

    Our pastor Fr Mark Grant is a jovial Nashota House graduate with fine preaching, teaching, storytelling, fellowshiping abilities. We are a small community staged to grow as our mutual embrace of carrying our everyday cross of Christ is met with confidence. We continually seek God's mercy on our sins and hope to grow in holiness through the sacraments of the One Holy and Apostolic Orthodox Church. Our jurisdiction is ROCOR (under the Moscow Patriarachate), our bishop is Metropolitan Hilarion. We are located not far from the Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, VA and our one of the loveliest Western Rite Orthodox Church communities you will ever find.

    For further information and an audition contact me at: chrismcavoy@inbox.com or 301-473-6373
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