Diocesan Employment rules - Comments on your area?
  • ghmus7
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    I am seeking comments on what y'all might know about your diocesan employment rules where you are.
    I have a situation here...I am employed full time at one diocesan institution. I recently had an offer to accept a part time teaching position for 8 hours a week. It is a school in the diocese, though the school is independently funded, and it's funding does not come from the diocese.
    However the diocese is saying I cannot take the part time job (Even thought it fits perfectly with my other job schedule) because I would be paid twice, even though the funding for the part time work does not come form the diocese. So far as well, my rector agrees and has forbidden me
    As well, this is a no contract diocese, and I don't even have a job description for my full time position. Of course, like all of you, I put in well past my 40 house and of course Sundays... etc.
    So if you work for this diocese, your income is fixed and you in no way have the possibility of increasing that, you are stuck. I have two children, and when i heard about this opportunity, i was thrilled, now i am depressed.
    Comments please??
  • That is most unfortunate - hope that you can find a way around that. I am not positive, but I believe that to be the case in our diocese as well... I would talk to the diocesan office to see if there is anyway to circumnavigate the issue. Perhaps there is a way of working it in under a different scenario.

    Best of luck!!
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    What if you asked the school to change the position into a 1099 independent contractor position and increased the stipend a bit (to cover the extra amount you're going to have to pay in taxes)? Since they won't have to pay into the various things they would if you were an employee, it would be a wash for them.
  • CharlesW
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    At one time, I held two positions with the diocese. I taught school full time, and also served as a DM/Organist in a parish. I was paid separately for the two. Several teachers held more than one job. No one cared as long as the secondary jobs didn't interfere with the work.
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    In some parts of the world, health and safety rules also come in to play here: if a job could be stressful, then an employer is well within their rights to refuse you permission to take on outside work which would add to the stress levels.

    In another country whose employment laws I know a bit about, you're not allowed to work for more than 48 hours per week on average across all jobs - and all your employers are responsible for making sure that you don't.

    One income-raised work around is to be self-employed doing things which generate royalites and advertising revenues.
  • I'd imagine it has something to do with having to pay overtime, especially since though the school may be funded separately, if all payroll is handled through the Diocese (as it was in a previous position I held) then they would be legally required to pay you overtime for the second job over a certain income cap. They had a Diocesan-wide meeting to discuss this and did not have information when several questions were asked about a 30-40 hour school position and also a 15-25 hour church position held by one person. They said the overtime charge would go to the institution that caused the hours to go beyond 40.... I raised the pertinent question about Holy Week and how I spent more than 40 hours in actual Liturgical services from just my Parish position... they did not like learning that we musicians have schedules like that....
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    Yah and a big part of the probLem is that that dont pay up egnough to support a small family on one job. Usually priests have no clue about this.
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  • Liam
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    I am not sure they have no clue. Rather, they prefer think they are more the beggar than anyone else.
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    I was only able to support my family because I worked a full-time job at a parish + a part-time job at another Catholic institution. Read whatever you want to into that, I suppose.
  • [You lived so lavishly that you needed two salaries to enjoy the life to which you had somehow become accustomed as either a Catholic school teacher or a Catholic musician?]
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    Yes, CGZ, we were living large in our 2-bedroom apartment with 3 small children! Truly extravagant!
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    Ah, my job's well-known levels of extreme wealth must be why I've got 8 successive calls from the diocesan fundraising office! That must be it. ;)
  • [Irish Tenor, Perhaps your pastor was recently relocated from CharlesW's parish, where everyone knows he doesn't need the money in his secondretirement?]
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    Actually, I have retired 3 times now. I was recently asked to return half-time to the federal agency for which I worked 20 years some time ago. Now I need the money even less than before. God is good, and generous.
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  • >> Actually, I have retired 3 times now.
    one more and I think you tie with Frank Sinatra, yes? :-D
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    Hardly anyone is old enough to remember Jack Paar, an early host of the Tonight Show. He retired at least twice a year, or so it seemed.
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    Now I need the money even less than before.

    If you have a surplus, Charles, I'd be most happy to relieve you of your burden!
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    Salieri, it seems to have always annoyed CGZ that I don't need money. I have been well provided for by a gracious Lord for which I am thankful. Am I super rich, no. Do I live simply, yes. Do I want for anything, no. Do I spend for every shiny toy that catches my eye, no I don't do that either. Do I keep relatives and friends who mangle their own finances at a distance, yes I do.
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  • [So I'm clear on this, it does not trouble me that you don't need money. Humor doesn't translate so well on the internet.]
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    True, it doesn't.
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  • Yah and a big part of the probLem is that that dont pay up egnough to support a small family on one job. Usually priests have no clue about this.

    And yet it’s right there in Canon Law that they are to pay those who contribute to the parish sufficiently to provide for their family.

    Considering priests, generally speaking, aren’t responsible for paying for housing costs (rent/mortgages/insurance/property taxes/utilities), and get a vehicle allowance, food allowance, cell phone allowance, (not to mention such expenses are, generally speaking, claimable expenses at tax time), etc on top of their income and health benefits/insurance from the Diocese, it’s very possible that many priests really are clueless as to what it actually costs to live now. I bet if priests let a frugal stay at home mother do the budget for the parish, she would find the money to pay parish employees more.
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    Considering priests, generally speaking, aren’t responsible for paying for housing costs (rent/mortgages/insurance/property taxes/utilities), and get a vehicle allowance, food allowance, cell phone allowance,...

    Considering bishops are those making the rules... lets swop the second word for 'bishop'. Well in that case many of them are well aware of having to support a 'modern' family, perhaps as so many of them (calling uncle Ted and he is far from being a pit of filth in a landscape of purity) have been supporting a diverse family. This may explain why there is so little money to pay a fair salary.