Communion dialog - EF / OF
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    At distribution of communion in the novus ordo Mass, the priest/EM says, "Body of Christ/Blood of Christ" and the response is "Amen." Why was this not corrected when the English translation of the Mass was revised a few years ago. This is hardly a translation of the words to the communicant at the EF Mass, when the priest/deacon says in Latin, "May the body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve thy soul unto life everlasting."
  • To paraphrase Fr. Stephen Somerville, who was a member of the ICEL committee that provided the translation (and was an upstanding musician in his own right), they weren't exactly faithful in their translation . . .
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    It's not an erroneous translation. The Latin text of the modern Missale Romanum (2002 ed.) runs like this:
    134. Postea accipit patenam vel pyxidem, accedit ad communicandos,
    et hostiam parum elevatam unicuique eorum ostendit, dicens:

    Corpus Christi.
    Communicandus respondet:
    Et communicatur.
  • Mea culpa.
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    Thank you, gentlemen. I see it's not a question of faulty translation, but of faulty liturgical reform. What a loss!
  • Don't jump to that!

    Remember, that the EF formula was imported from the Rite of Communion outside of Mass. The formula is a little... final.

    Then again, I suppose it could be anyone's last Communion, at any time.
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    the EF formula was imported from the Rite of Communion outside of Mass
    How so? It doesn't seem to have changed since the 1604 Missal.
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    That dialog was changed in the so-called interim missal, implemented with the First Sunday of Lent 1965 pursuant to no. 48(i) of Inter Oecumenici (Sept. 1964):