Authentically local Catholic choral works
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    I'm planning a choral concert of all-Catholic music and wanted to investigate some musical options around the globe by Catholic composers that retained an authentically Catholic spirit, but incorporated some of the musical language of a non-European locale (In other words, what Vatican II called for), in addition to celebrating great European composers.

    What I'm looking for is:
    - well-written, reasonably challenging choral works (eg. not just hymns - this is an ensemble of considerable skill)
    - featuring some aspect of local music culture
    - by Catholic composers (missionary or indigenous)
    - and retaining liturgical appropriateness and the spirit of proper Catholic music

    For some reason, I remember coming across more of these works in the past, but I can't seem to find any good-quality ones lately. Any suggestions?
  • For indigenous music you could do a movement or two from the Missa Luba. Since you have an 'ensemble of considerable skill', the Missa Luba is not only indigenous, it is good. A few lesser known European carols, especially of the macaronic type, would be nice. There are also probably some interesting examples from the Amerind repertory. I assume that you already have in mind some splendid examples from our European heritage.
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    Thanks, Jackson. I've heard of the Missa Luba and will take a look at it.

    For reference, this was the kind of stuff I had been looking at previously:
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    Would the music of João Baptista Lehmann (Lehman) 1873-1955 count?

    We sing his Regina Caeli
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    New World Symphonies - Baroque Music from Latin America Hyperion CDA30030Some of it macaronic, in language and style.
  • francis
    Posts: 10,707 is my music comp website. Numerous basilica and cathedral choirs purchase and perform these works. I have many more works including entire Masses, motets, organ works, etc. that are not on this site. PM me if you are interested in more information. In general, these are in the medium to difficult range... contrapunctal.