Wedding music
  • tomjaw
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    On Saturday one of our choir members got married, sadly we have lost an Alto as they are moving north, but we did get the opportunity to sing some wonderful music.

    ENT. Organ
    Signing of the Register. Sicut Cervus / Sitivit Palestrina, Dixit Maria Motet, Hasler
    EF Nuptial Mass
    INT. Deus Israel (Chant from the Graduale 1924)
    KYR. Missa Dixit Maria, Hasler
    GRAD. Uxor tua (Chant from the Graduale 1924)
    ALL. Mittat (Chant from the Graduale 1924)
    OFF. In te speravi (Chant from the Graduale 1924)
    OFF. Motet. Ave Maris Stella, Hasler
    SANC. Missa Dixit Maria, Hasler
    BENE. Missa Dixit Maria, Hasler
    AGN. Missa Dixit Maria, Hasler
    COM. Ecce sic. (Chant from the Graduale 1924)
    COM. Motet O Salutaris Hostia, de la Rue
    Te Deum, Solemn Tone
    RES. Organ

    Prayers for the Happy Couple.
  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    Tell her to have lots of Alto babies. Alti are worth their weight in gold.