Prayers for Fr. Haynes, SJC
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    Some of you may or may not have heard this:

    Fr. Scott Haynes at St. John Cantius in Chicago is taking a sabbatical in order to discern his vocation at the moment, which means he is (for the moment anyhow) stepping down as musical director. Cantius has lucked out in that they've secured Kevin Allen to take his position, but nonetheless I think a few prayers are in order:

    1. Pray for Fr. Haynes, that his sabbatical be a fruitful and encouraging one,
    2. Pray for Kevin Allen, that he continue the great tradition of sacred music at Cantius,
    3. Pray for the Parish of St. John Cantius, which seems to be hemorrhaging good priests at the moment, and hopefully this isn't the start of a trend
    4. Pray for the Schola Immaculata, Kevin's soon-to-be old choir, which has been entrusted for the moment to . . .
    Yours Truly. *gulp!*
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    Prayers for all these intentions.
  • Congratulations, Stimson! Quite the complement to follow on to someone of Kevin's stature! You will do awesomely well, I'm quite certain!

    Definitely, prayers for these intentions and especially Fr. Haynes.
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    I am pleased to have been asked to conduct the Saint Cecilia choir at SJC on the Feast of the Assumption. I used to guest conduct there years ago at the invitation of Fr Phillips, so of course I said yes to this. Will be filling in for Kevin on this occasion. Prayers for Fr Scott and for everyone connected with the music there.

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    Kevin will be conducting a choir and orchestra at my parish for the Assumption!

    Had no idea what I'd be pulling him away from!
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    Prayers for all. I forget, at times, the burnout factor, stress, people interactions and all else that can go with music and the priesthood. I talked with a fellow organist recently and she commented that we both are tough as nails and good at aggressively defending ourselves. True, but it wears some down so sabbaticals are a good thing. Wishing him all the best. Same for Stimson.

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    Prayers for all and congratulations, Stimson!
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