'Holy God, We Praise Thy Name' set to triple-meter version of RASMUS
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    As promised in another thread, here is my setting of "Holy God, We Praise Thy Name" to a triple-meter version of my hymn tune RASMUS. In the accompanying sound file, the second stanza realizes the Alto part up and octave as a faux descant, but the preferred descant is on the final stanza. Comments welcome.
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    I like it.
    It has a certain Anglicanesque dignity.
    And it doesn't have any of those funny little eighth notes...
    and the last line isn't repeated to the amusement of sensible souls.
    Good work!

    (Um... was Rasmus named after Rasmus of Rotterdam?)
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    My original tune RASMUS was composed in honour of the Very Reverend John E. Rasmus, the (now retired, for several years) former Rector of St Paul's Church in Hudson, WI, an outstanding cleric, pastor, and dear friend with a marvelous baritone voice coupled with a deep appreciation for and support of good church music. We see each other from time to time when either he visits Hudson or I visit Madison where he now lives, and it is always a great joy.

    The duple-meter original version of RASMUS was composed for the text "Let Thy Blood in Mercy Poured" ... and it is one of my most popular works, on par with my original music setting of "Creator of the Stars of Night."
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    Charles, I find this delightful and charming. I agree with Mr. Osborn that it sounds Anglican (in my world that is definitely a complement). I'm going to teach this to my choir as a communion "motet".
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