Reading Recommendations on what the Church says about Women Being Allowed to sing in choir
  • Maureen,

    Was anyone charged with a crime for the iconoclasm and general barbarity you describe?
  • stulte
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    We see altogether too much of that--almost as if the pastors have been instructed to 'burn all the cash.'

    I remember my pastor saying that he was told in seminary to, if you have a good idea for your parish and the money to accomplish it, spend the money lest your successor have a worse idea and the money to spend on it!
  • dad29
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    So that's the new "Prudential Theology" of spending.
  • JonathanLCJonathanLC
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    I would imagine that these days, provided the sound is good and the repertoire is of a high standard, all are welcome in this case... :)
  • Maureen
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    We once had a very problematic and possibly criminal priest wished on us for a couple years, as we found out during the big Scandal years. He left in a hurry and ended up leaving the priesthood, though, and Catholicism too. (Our pastor back then was cranky, kept his mouth shut, and kept a really close eye on both kids on parish grounds and young priests just out of seminary. And it turned out that he wasn't paranoid at all, nor someone who didn't like kids. Our diocese had Big Problems.)

    This pastor was just wrongheaded about church design and choirs. He had his good points, especially given that he made it out of seminary without becoming one of the Big Problems. If things had been better in the deanery area and our parish council, I'm sure he would have gotten better advice. But he didn't.