SWEET SACRAMENT with refrain
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    I have the music from Worship III, melody only (#488) I don't have access to the accompaniment books anymore. Does anyone have a scan of the 4 part harmony? (I do wish to follow copyright rules so tell me if this is wrong. I believe the music is PD but not the text. I already have the text. . . ) I looked through Hymnary but didn't find it. Any guidance or music is appreciated.
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    This is among the examples of musical settings of PD Faber text at Hymnary (it's in Eb rather than D):

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    Is this what you are looking for? It can be found in the Catholic Church hymnal edited by A. Edmund Tozer which you can find in Google Books for download. I've attached it in two different keys Eb (new score) and Emaj as found in the Catholic Church hymnal. You can find a lot of the old hymnals on CCWatershed website. http://www.ccwatershed.org/blog/2018/oct/30/brebeuf-hymnal-source-material/

    Oops, I see your looking for "Jesus My Lord". That is also in the Catholic Church hymnal by Tozer, but it is Eb.
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    An arrangement is available for free download from CMAA, though it may not be the same as the harmonization in Worship III:
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  • My choir is using the PD version that Chonak mentioned above for Corpus Christi this weekend. It is very straight forward and my choir likes singing it.
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    I know those words with a tune called "Divine Mysteries" and it can be found in the New English Hymnal, published in Britain. It is sung often on this side of the pond. This has the 4-part harmony. Was this what you were seeking? https://hymnary.org/hymn/NEH1985/307
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    The hymn which richardUK links to is "Sweet Sacrament Divine," a wonderful hymn used widely in the UK but much less so in the US. The melody title associated with it is "Divine Mysteries."

    The hymn under discussion is "Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All." The name assigned to the widely used melody (there are many melodies available for this hymn) for this hymn has been "Sweet Sacrament" (which is confused as being "Sweet Sacrament Divine"). In newer hymnals, though, the name of the assigned melody is "Jesus My Lord," which should end the confusion...LOL.