Section Leaders, The Cathedral of SS. Simon and Jude, Phoenix AZ
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    Openings for altos (2), tenors (1), basses (2).

    Section Leads (9) are paid a stipend for each Mass and rehearsal from late August through June. They are expected to spend time on their own studying/learning/rehearsing their parts, are to act professionally while on Cathedral property, care for the music of the Cathedral library, be able to closely follow directions, and be timely and punctual. Vocalists should dress professionally (with modesty) and always follow the dress code (modest black attire) for Choral Masses. The current time commitment is one rehearsal (Wednesday evening), and two Masses on Sunday (8am call) - three calls per week.

    Singers should be competent sight-readers, have excellent vocal control and choral blending ability, have experience singing polyphony (4-8 part, 1-3 voices per part), and be able to handle learning a good amount of music over the course of a year (2 motets per weekend, 1 polyphonic setting of the Ordinary every other weekend).

    Church music is taken very seriously at the Cathedral of SS. Simon and Jude. Motets and Masses by Byrd, Palestrina, Victoria, Bruckner, Hassler, Lasso, etc. are employed on a weekly basis. At 9:00am each Sunday the choir sings for a televised Mass that is watched by 65,000+ people (not including those who listen via nationwide radio and watch via the internet). Midnight Mass (Christmas eve) and Good Friday are also televised and are watched by a dramatically larger television audience. The 11:00am Solemn Mass on Sundays has a long-standing tradition of singing many of the Gregorian propers from the Graduale Romanum. The clergy (Priests, Deacons, Bishops) of the Cathedral feel strongly about singing the Mass and sing all of their parts of the Mass on a regular basis. The Cathedral is home to a new 51 rank pipe organ installed in 2016.

    Additional income can be earned by cantoring at non-Choral masses (Saturday evenings, and on Holy Days), singing at funeral Masses, weddings, and various Diocesan events with the Director of Sacred Music.

    For more information or to apply, please contact Matthew J. Meloche, Director of Sacred Music:
    602-242-1300 x116
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