Arranging or Recomposing Gregorian Chant with this style
  • jefflokanata
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    May I arranging or recomposing Gregorian Chant with this style, and sing it at the Mass?

    I found this kind of arranging, make gregorian chant more mystical and mysterious
  • mmeladirectress
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    Would this not be a question for your priest? Just speaking for myself, I would far rather have his input before I started work.
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  • Palestrina
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    Listened to a few seconds of this,,, after getting over the computer-game-like image and the synth start, part of me thought... scent of Orff? Think of a less sophisticated “Veris leta facies.”
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  • jefflokanata
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    @mmeladirectress . Oh you are right ... I will ask my spiritual priest judgment.
  • jefflokanata
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    @Palestrina , Yes, this is from the game "Crusader Kings".
    I like the arrangement. Especially from music "Agnus Dei". Sometimes there are counter-melody. The Bass note is so slow changing. And there are also Harp accompanying.
  • chonakchonak
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    Arrangements like these are fine for concert use, in music for listening. But I would be careful about using them in the Holy Mass, if their duration would imply holding up the action of the liturgy. Also, in an arrangement for liturgical use, the sacred text has to be presented in full: the text of the Agnus Dei was abbreviated slightly in the version posted on YouTube.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Since today is Ascension, here is my setting of the Communion Psallite Domino. Unlike the above works, this is indeed suitable for (and has been sung at) Mass.

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  • Schönbergian
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    The issue with the linked playlist is more the spirit than the style. Nothing intrinsically wrong with accompanied chant (though I don't like it myself), but definitely no synth background in church.