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    Set up as an editable web spreadsheet...add links to hymnals in print (publisher link) or in digital form (link to digital download) and help share the wealth of knowledge with others.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Wow, I ddn't know that the old St. Gregory Hymnal was online. I know that this book can be criticized in many ways, but I have to compare it with today's mainstream alternatives, and pound for pound, it offers far more. I think I would trade for it anyday. Just look at the Easter material. I suppose I would defend the effort overall, despite certain obvious goofiness.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Looking through it now, I'm actually very impressed (comparatively).
  • The number of hymnals online is staggering. When I first began researching, I was spending a lot of time driving back and forth to the library and the working under the deadline of returns to find what I needed....this makes it much easier.

    Also....someone needs to visit: and correct the misinformation about there being no denominational hymn for the Catholic Church....
  • 26 Hymnals up on the list already, all online downloads available are clearly listed....I have put up 4 myself, so this is a great joint effort. Thanks to all!
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    I added a few more (31 now), but many common hymnals are not listed yet.
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    chonak: "many common hymnals are not listed yet"

    Should the spreadsheet also contain hardbound GIA, OCP, ... ?

    Spreadsheet column D needs a title
    Spreadsheet column J needs a title
  • Any hymnal that might be useful in the Catholic Church....including those hardbounds.

    D title added ... J added as well "Blank"