TTBB Mozart Mass
  • deltaday
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    I'm searching desperately for a TTBB men's choral arrangement of one of Mozart's Masses. Preferably a Missa Brevis.
  • jefe
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    Delta, I would like to see one too, if indeed it exists. Is it accompanied?
  • ghmus7
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    I doubt if any exist...
    It would be almost impossible to keep integrity in the counterpoint and harmony, and keep the work in the same key for the instruments.
    When SATB music is arranged for male voices, the key is usually dropped a third or fourth and other machinations are usually needed.
    I do have a TTBB arrangement of Ave Verum Corpus if you are interested.
  • francisfrancis
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    In my opinion, do not concern yourself with Mozart. Move onto the earlier composers where the musical content is much more significant. Mozart was a kin to the St. Louis Jesuits of our day in his time.
  • Schönbergian
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    The musical content of Mozart's Masses is absolutely significant. Don't lump him in with some of the operatic excesses of the nineteenth century or, God forbid, the sacro-pop "artists".
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  • Schoenbergian,

    Since Francis doesn't like Mozart's music, he wishes to express exactly how much he doesn't like it by using this most evocative comparison. I'm amazed how often Francis and I agree.
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  • IdeK
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    The only work of Mozart I know that is for a male choir is the masonic cantata "die Maurerfreude". Doesn't seem appropriate for mass, nor in any catholic occasion.

    (I can't say that I know all Mozart works, though).
  • Schönbergian
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    But the comparison is simply untrue. There is a profound difference between a devoted Catholic doing his best to write, in the style he perfected, sacred music intended for Mass, and a group of deliberate iconoclasts with no recognizable talent. There's a reason Mozart has endured for two hundred years and sacro-pop is already seen as dated.
  • Liam
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  • SalieriSalieri
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    Ah, Mozart.

    I dislike most of his music: his Masses are an exception, particularly his Missae Breves.

    Abp. Colloredo, a Josephinist who also banned pilgrimages and processions, had a law that Masses in Salzburg should last no longer than 45 minutes--and that 45 minutes includes everything from the Introit to the Last Gospel. As a result of this, Mozart's Missae Breves are compact, choral (only short solo or quartet passages intervene, save for the Benedictus), economical (violins, continuo, and colla parte trombones), and rely heavily on "stille antico" (imitation and fugue). If I was in a position where it would work (i.e., EF with staff soloists and musicians), I would make Mozart's Missae Breves, along with the two Haydns', Salieri's, & Schubert's part of repertoire.
  • Schoenbergian,

    One reason I dislike Mozart so much is that his music could have been beautiful, but is instead trite and cheap, which is to say it has characteristics of
    deliberate iconoclasts