Differences between Canadian Lectionary and Missal for Extended Vigil at Pentecost?
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    Hello! The Canadian Lectionary (1992) lists 7 Readings, an Epistle and a Gospel for the Extended Vigil of Pentecost, whereas the Canadian Roman Missal (2011) notes that there are 4 Readings, an Epistle and a Gospel for the Extended Vigil of Pentecost. Moreover, both sources list different psalms for use between readings. Can anyone explain why they are different, and which one is preferred?
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    I'm sorry I don't know the answer but I would also like to know.

    If it helps, I have the study version of the 2009 (Canadian) lectionary and it also lists 7 readings for the extended vigil.

    I also noticed that the 4 choices for the first reading of the (normal?) vigil correspond to the 4 readings listed in the 2011 missal for the extended vigil.
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    This 2009 newsletter from the USCCB
    (see page 4) has information on the extended vigil of Pentecost.

    Rubrics for that option were issued as early as 1988 by the CDW, but the observance was first added to the Missale Romanum in 2009, and then into the vernacular editions. The specification of four readings probably happened too late to include it in the Canadian Lectionary.

    For the US, changes to the Lectionary were published as a "Supplement to the Lectionary for Mass" by the bishops' conference. It might be worthwhile to find out whether the CCCB issued anything similar, but either way I think it would be correct to consider the specifications in the Missal as mandatory.

    For what it's worth, that USCCB newsletter mentions an option to replace the four psalms with periods of silence.
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    Thank you! Further inquiry to higher levels noted that the 1981 Ordo Lectionem Missae for the Pentecost Vigil has the standard Sunday application of readings (First [choose one], Psalm, Second, Gospel)
    o Gen 11:1-9 or
    o Ex 19 or
    o Ez 37 or
    o Joel 3
    o Psalm 103
    o Rom 8
    o John 7

    • A later addition to the 1981 Ordo Lectionem Missae allows for the following readings for an extended celebration with proper psalms has the following ORDO
    o Gen 11:1-9 and Ps 32
    o Ex 19 and Daniel 3 or Ps 18
    o Ez 37 and Ps 106
    o Joel 3 and Ps 103
    o Rom 8
    o John 7

    …aside from the above there is no documentation or direction to help provide any guidance into why the CCCB made the reading decisions or what to do about additional Collects. Perhaps they wanted to provide a substantial Extended Vigil of Pentecost in the Lectionary and may not have cross-referenced Lectionary and Missal at the time to realize that there were only 4 collects in the Roman Missal.
    Also the convergence of the printing of the revised Sunday Lectionary (2009) and the translation and implementation of Roman Missal: Third Edition (2010-2011/2) was during the time of Liturgiam Authenticam so additional prayers could not be created since they were not already in the Roman Missal.
    It will remain an incongruity for now.
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    In England, some dioceses encourage the use of the extended Vigil while others discourage it. In Liverpool, where I reside, I am told it is banned, which is annoying when your parish priest is a Spiritan. Indeed the diocesan Ordo ignores the Vigil in both extended and simple forms, apparently on the grounds that one should hear the Sunday (or Holyday) texts at an anticipated Mass.
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