Viernes Santo Salmo
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    Lest I have mislaid it by next year, here's how I pointed the Responsorial Psalm last Friday, along the lines used in The Parish Book of Psalms. Comments & suggestions welcome!

    A question is whether the Lectionary version should include "…defaudato. tú, que eres justo, ponme a salvo. A tus manos…" as well as verse 40 at the end, as found in Oramos Cantando.

    name: Viernes Santo ;
    office-part: psalm;
    user-notes: Salmo Responsorial ;
    commentary: tono vi;
    %width: 5;
    %height: 11;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: 12;
    %fontsize: 10;

    P<alt>Estribillo (Lucas 23:46) </alt>a(h)dre,(h.) en(h) tus(gh) ma(i)nos(h.) (,)
    en(h)co(i)mien(j)do(i) mi_es-(h)pí(i)ri(h)tu.(h.) (::Z)

    <alt>Salmo 30:2, 6</alt>
    A(hg) ti,(gh) Señor,(hr0) me() acojo:()
    que() no() quede() yo() nunca() de(g)frau(h)da(i)do.(h.) (:z)
    En(hr0) tus() manos() encomiendo() mi_es-(h)pí(h)ri(g)tu:(g) (;)
    y(hr0) tú,() mi() Dios() le(h)-al,(gh) me(ih) li(gf)bra(e)rás.(e.) <sp>R/</sp>(::Z)

    <alt>Salmo 30:12-13</alt>
    Se(hg) bur(gh)lan(hr0) de() mí() mis() enemigos,()
    mis() vecinos() y() parientes() de() mí() se_es(h)pan(g)tan,(g) (;z)
    los(hr0) que() me() ven() pasar() hu(g)yen(h) de(i) mí.(h.) (:Z)
    Estoy(hr0) en() el() olvido,() como_un() muerto,()
    Co()mo_un() objeto() tira-()do_en(h) la(gh) ba(ih)su(gf)ra.(e.)

    <alt>Salmo 30:15-16</alt>
    Pe(hg)ro(gh) yo,(hr0) Señor,() en() ti() con(g)fío.(g.) (,)
    Tú_e-(hr0)res() mi() Dios,()
    y_en() tus() manos() (z) está(hr0) mi(g) des(h)ti(i)no.(h.) (:)
    Líbrame(hr0) de() los() enemigos() que(gh) me(ih)
    per(gf)si(e)guen.(e.) <sp>R/</sp>(::Z)

    <alt>Salmo 30:17, 25</alt>
    Vuel(hg)ve,(gh) Señor,(hr0) tus() ojos() a() tu() siervo()
    y() sálvame,() por() tu() mi(h)se(g)ri(h)cor(i)dia.(h.) (:z)
    Sean(hr0) fuertes() y() valientes() de() co()ra()zón,()
    Ustedes,() los() que_espe-()ran(gh) en(ih) el(gf) Se(e)ñor.(e.)

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  • Richard -

    What is the meaning or purpose of your above offering?
    It makes as much sense to me
    as a page of mathematical equations such as Einstein might have made.
    Either that, or an some arcane Gaelic ode, or a sacred Druidic relic of deep antiquity.
    I gather that it is upposed somehow to relate to the Santo Salmo which you have attached,
    but I cannot see the connection.
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Apologies: the missing information is that it is a GABC file. There are lots of other such posts on this forum, and a tutorial here.
    some arcane Gaelic ode, or a sacred Druidic relic of deep antiquity.
    Well, I get that reaction occasionally from the anti-chant crowd too ;-P