Looking for settings of the Hail Mary in various languages
  • Claire H
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    Our various scholas will come together for their 2nd annual spring concert on May 31 (Feast of the Visitation), and the theme this year is "Magnificat anima mea". Among other selections, each schola will sing a different setting of the Ave Maria.

    Advanced adults (our "choral scholar" 8-voice group): Victoria
    Teens: SAB setting by Bearer from SJMP
    Gr 4-8: Melody unison of Arcadelt
    Gr K-4: simple chant

    I still need to determine the right setting for my mixed-level adult group...ideally 2-part mixed (or SAB, if simple), best accompanied. I'm open to suggestions in Latin, of course, but also interested if anyone has a lead for accessible settings in other languages.
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  • chonakchonak
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    I suppose the Verdi setting is on the advanced side:
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    I revisited https://domenicozipoli.org/ive-spanish-hymnal# recently and noticed
    this, in want of better formatting:

    name: Ave Maria III;
    user-notes: ;
    commentary: ;
    annotation: sequ ;
    centering-scheme: latin;
    %fontsize: 12;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 5;
    %height: 11;
    A(h)ve(h) Ma(h)ri(ij)a,(h.) lle(gh)na(f) de(e) gra(fh)cia(h.) (:) Dios(h) es(h) con(h) ti(ij)go(h.) vir(gh)gen(f) se(e)re(fh)na.(h.) (::) 1. Di(h)cho(j)sa(k) te(l) lla(j)ma(i)rán(j) en(k)tre(j) las(i) mu(h)je(ij)res(h.) (:) pues(h) Tú(j) tra(k)hi(l)ste(jij) la(k) paz(j) a(i) los(h) hom(ij)bres(h) y a(h) los(g) án(h)ge(f)les(e) glo(fh)ri(h)a.(h.) (::)

    2. Y(h) ben(j)di(k)to(l) y(j) san(i)to el(j) fru(k)to(j) de(i) tu(h) vien(ij)tre,(h.) (:) que(h) qui(j)so ha(k)cer(l)nos(jij) sus(k) co(j)he(i)re(h)de(ij)ros(h.) tan(h) só(g)lo(h) por(f) su(e) ca(fh)ri(h)dad.(h.) (::)

    3. En(h)gen(j)dra(k)ste(l) al(j) Le(i)ón(j) Fuer(k)te(j) y al(i) Cor(h)de(ij)ro.(h.) (:) Un(h) tem(j)plo(k) fui(l)ste(jij) pa(k)ra(j) nues(i)tro(h) Sal(ij)va(h)dor,(h.)
    y(g) que(h)da(f)ste in(e)tac(fh)ta.(h.) (::)
  • Incardination
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    Our own Charles Giffen has written two versions - one for 2 voice and the other for 3 voice. Go to CPDL and look up "Ave Maria" for a list of the various settings that are available in that resource - there are at least 10, several of which are 2-3 part.

    Best of luck on your concert! When you have a chance, let us know the complete list of repertoire your scholas will be singing!
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  • At our Pueri Cantores festival this year we're doing an a cappella 3-part "Ave Maria" by Julio Dominguez (published by Walton). It can also be done in unison or 2-part with a piano part. It's well-written and unlike any of the "standard" Ave Maria's out there.
  • CGM
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    There's a fellow in the Netherlands named Geert Cuypers who has, for the last decade and a-half, been curating a website where he aggregates all the "Ave Maria" compositions he can find (or that people have sent his way). At this point, he has four thousand unique listings on his site, ordered by composer.

  • CGM
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    Additionally, Schott publishes a volume containing thirty different settings of "Ave Maria," for purchase here.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    There seem to be a lot of dangers lurking on Geert Cuypers website, if McAfee can be believed. DO NOT try it unless you have a virus checker. BUT if I start here - http://avemariasongs.org/aves/ AND immediately close any pop-ups (which McAfee blocks with dire warnings), I can see useful stuff.
    Perhaps @chonak could provide advice.
  • chonakchonak
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    I've sent Geert an e-mail to find out whether he knows about the problem. The site seems to use some web gizmos that display sleazy ads to readers.