What is the vocation to become a church musician?
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    What is the vocation to become a church musician? It is obviously not the same as the question on vocation to Matrimony and Ordination. It seems like a very special vocation.
    We have different kinds of vocations eg becoming a clerk or school teacher. But I would say that the vocation to become a church musician does not feel the same as the vocation to become a clerk...but I am no expert.
    What is this vocation?
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    At present it is very dangerous territory
  • From vocare, 'to call', a vocation is the inner voice by which one knows that one is destined for a particular role in life. Many people have such vocations and many don't (at least not that they listen for). Most commonly we use the word in reference to holy orders or the religious life, less often to some ministry or other in the church's life. Vocation can, though, mean an urgent calling to any sort of life - that of being a medical doctor, a classics professor, a machinist, a mother and father, or a composer or educator. As to what constitutes a vocation to music ministry within the Church, one first would assess if one has the requisite musical gifts and a strong urge to use them glorifying God in the ritual life of the Church. Musical gifts are not enough. Does one love people, love working with them towards the glory of God and the beauty of his worship? Does one have patience as one leads one's charges along the road of adoration and worship? Does the liturgy truly excite one, or inspire awe in one - does one love it deeply? Does one love our patrimony of music, choral and instrumental, which graces our worship? More could be said, but that should suffice to give a picture. Are you at a perfect worshipful unity when directing music for the mass, with God, with your choir, with your life as sacred musician.
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    We don't have the same support as other vocations, but we do it for the same reasons: we have no other choice.
    Serving God and his Church calls some of us and we do it for that reason alone.
    It doesn't matter whether you sing chant or play jazz - it matters that you show up and serve.
    Sing and play joyfully.
    Bring people into the power and beauty of God's love as best you can.
    Teach peace.
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  • AMEN to MJO! Vocations should never be based on "feelings," especially in religious / spiritual matters.