Two-part unaccompanied motets for Easter?
  • I play organ and direct a small volunteer choir (three men including me and three women if everyone shows up), and I'm looking for some accessible two-part repertoire that could be used for Easter. Ideally, the piece/s would be in Latin and split into men-women. We've been able to pull off splitting the women and/or men into 3-4 parts in the past, but only just barely. Any suggestions or input are welcome, thanks guys.
  • Orlando Lassus Motets for 2 Voices
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    2 non-adjacent parts are always much harder than turning to the first book of bicinia at hand; when my wife and I go camping it's English composers we have occasional luck with, while SB seems to be unknown on the continent. For a group like the one described I'd recommend Pfautsch's a cappella E. E. Cummings setting i thank You God (Ligeti's Epiphany carol Betlehemi királyok belongs in your library too!); or if you have a good organist look at the Isrealitish woman & man duets in Judas Maccabaeus, which will work with any LM ("Come ever smiling liberty"; "Hail (hail, hail) Judea happy land"; "Oh never never bow we down") or 77 77 ("Sion now her head shall raise") text you fancy.
  • Here in Las Vegas we have small choir as well, with mostly treble voices. I often make arrangements to suit our available voices. What are you looking for? ST? AB?
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  • ST would be best!
  • I’ll see what I can do!
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    Take a look at my site, Dozens and dozens of bicinia there!
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