Embedding YouTube on this forum?
  • Geremia
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    How does one embed YouTube videos on this forum?
  • chonakchonak
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    Once upon a time it was possible, but something changed about YouTube's embedding, so that it's no longer working. For now, the best you can do is post a link as plain text, and the forum software will automatically make it into a link.
  • mikevp
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    Figured it out!

    You have to use the
    < object > tag instead of the < iframe > tag. You also have to copy the link from the youtube EMBED option (which takes a couple copy/pastes).

    For the HTML see below (with spaces added immediately after the first < in the opening and closing HTML tags):

    width="560" height="315">

    < object data="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ohDqL6pjpjY"
    width="560" height="315">< /object >
  • An interesting alternatim performance. This is normal in France and is certainly a degeneration from Baroque and earlier alternatims. Once upon a time each organ 'verset' was a brief but interesting musical composition or improvisation based on the cantus firmus. Here we have nothing but a continuous blast of Cavaille-Coll reeds and rumbling 32 foot stops. Nothing at all of musical interest. It is interesting, though, that some form of alternatim practice is still normal someplace - and we have the French to thank for keeping it alive. I've even heard alternatim masses as done at Notre-Dame, Paris. This practice was once common throughout Europe since at least the XIVth century through the early XXth century when a certain pope (which one I don't recall) forbad the practice.
  • Geremia
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    You can embed playlists, too, by substituting "embed/" with "embed/videoseries?list=".
  • CharlesW
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    Love that Te Deum. It is characteristically French and the French have always gone their own way and done exactly as they pleased.