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    Does anyone know whether Healey Willan composed any Latin-texted Mass settings? I’m aware of the unison ones but would be interested in any SATB settings he may have composed...
  • I found the first page of his Missa Brevis No. 1 on sheetmusicplus.com, and it is showing SATB with both Latin and English text. It appears that Willan composed 14 Missae Breves. I don't know if they all have both Latin and English texts like No. 1, but it might be worth exploring if you're interested.
  • I have never run across anything that Willan himself wrote in Latin. That's not to say that I haven't missed something.

    For those interested in Willan there is a very interesting and informative two part article about him in The American Organist - the September and October issues.
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  • A Canadian national treasure for sure.
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    Thanks, Chonak. Seems they’re all in English apart from the one in the St Basil Hymnal. What a pity!
  • There’s the unison Mass of Saint Teresa in the New Saint Basil Hymnal, where there’s also a nice, brief SATB setting of the Easter Day Gradual, Haec Dies. The Biretta Books republication of several of the Missa Brevis settings (which are mostly K, S/B, & A) have added Latin adaptations of the Sanctus/Benedictus and Agnes Dei.
  • Nice to know Willan did a setting in Latin. Use his "O Sacred Feast" as a motet. It has been a staple in my choir's repertoire for years.
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    If you write to Fr Scott Haynes at St John Cantius Church in Chicago, they are in charge of his archive, as per the request of his estate. Because of this, Fr Scott knows everything about Willan.
  • The Mass in Honor of Saint Theresa (in the New Saint Basil Hymnal, ca 1958)
    A unison mass. (Latin)
    It was written for a convent of nuns.
    The Kyrie is a delight!
    The Sanctus has a charming, almost carol like, "Hosanna"