Funeral Choir Recommendations- Burial Sentences, etc
  • Hi! I am a new(ish) director at a NO church and the Pastor, choir and the congregation have been (for the most part, I should say) receptive of the style of music the church has been going, TBTG. I'm hoping to start a Funeral Choir soon. I was going to keep doing all of the Propers for a Funeral Mass (mostly in English still), and have a few different choral 'go-to' pieces on hand such as a few different Ave Maria's and Jesu Dulcis Memoria. I'm curious if anyone has used any versions of different Burial Sentences such as Croft or Tomkins? I have a great affinity for this period of Church music but have never heard them done in any RC church Funerals. Those are particularly beautiful, and if so I'm wondering what your experience is/was. Also, do you have any other pieces you may recommend for a small, volunteer, but quite apt choir?
    Thank you so much for your consideration.
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    I'm not sure that I understand what a "Burial Sentence" is. Can you elaborate?
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    I'm pretty sure that "Burial Sentences" refers to the Anglican Burial Service, such as William Croft's "Burial Service" music.
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    I have done parts of the Morely service. Nice music, and not too difficult.
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  • Thank you so much! This is very helpful I appreciate it.
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    I have used versions of the Burial Sentences (from Merbecke) at the graveside (which is their original setting, to some extent) but not at Mass. Having said that, "I am the resurrection"/"Ego sum resurrectio" is given as one of the options for the procession out to the grave.
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  • Thank you so very much! I really appreciate your advice as well. I've never sung the Merbecke setting. Thanks again.