Mr. Gilbert MacFarlane (Mr. Mac) 1901 - 1997
  • If anyone knew or knew of this true Christian gentleman and his wife Martha, I would greatly appreciate communicating with you. He was at one time the choirmaster and organist at Christ Church Cathedral in Louisville, KY when it had a men and boys choir. He was the essence and example of what a choirmaster should be and an inspiration to many.
  • I think that he is the one who wrote a Fantasia, Toccata, or something like that on Victimae Paschali Laudes that William Barnard used to play every Easter for an ending voluntary during his tenure as choirmaster and organist at Christ Church Cathedral in Houston in the fifties, sixties, and early seventies. It's a grand piece (either grand or gauche, depending on your frame of mind).
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    Lynnwood Farnam (13 January 1885 — 23 November 1930),_Lynnwood

    Will C. Macfarlane (2 October 1870 — 12 May 1945),_Will_C.
  • Eft -
    Something told me that I had the wrong man.
    It was, indeed, Lynnwood Farnam and the filii and filiae.
    At least I got the first syllable right.
    My memory of the piece is hazy - except that it was an old warhorse.
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