New memory Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church
  • Jérôme
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    This new memory comes with two antiphons:

    Benedictus : Erant discipuli perseverantes unanimiter in oratione cum Maria matre Iesu.
    Magnificat: Dixit Dominus matri suae: Mulier, ecce filius tuus; ad discipulum autem: Ecce mater tua.

    Are there matching gregorian antiphons for singing? Otherwise, are there equivalent ones?
    Or should the common be used instead?

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  • Jerome,

    I'm sorry not to know the answer to your inquiry. I look forward to learning with you.

    In English we say "memorial", not "memory".
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    The Magnificat antiphon exists in the repertoire. Didn't find the one for Lauds.
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    The Cantus database offers this:, click on the line begining 'display' to see the tune. The other text does not appear in this comprehensive database.
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    Thanks. I searched the web for the right translation but I probably misread.
  • Jérôme
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    Thanks to all.

    I guess the Vatican will provide an update to the OCO.
  • Jerome,

    I'm pleased to be helpful -- when I am.

    Memoire can mean either "memory" or "Memorial", depending on the context.

    Aide memoire = mnemonic device.
    Memoire de St. Pierre Celestin = Memorial of St. Peter Celestin.

    Are you looking for the Office or for the Mass?

  • igneusigneus
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    I guess the Vatican will provide an update to the OCO.

    I don't know of a single case of provision being made for a new feast by updating the OCO. And a new updated edition of the whole OCO is not to be expected before 2047 :)
  • Excuse the ignorant question, but what's

  • igneusigneus
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    Ordo cantus officii - document prescribing where to find antiphons for chanted Divine Office in Latin
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    @igneus You're right. The Octave of Pentecost could be restored before any new update of the OCO :)
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    You should vote for me for Pope: I intend to restore all the octaves.
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    The Benedictus and Magnificat are taken from Tertia and Nona of the Commons of the Blessed Virgin Mary. OCO gives these antiphons:

    B Perseverabant unanimiter in oratione, cum Maria matre Iesu. (Sol, Antiphonale Monasticum III, 329)


    M Dixit Dominus matri suae: Mulier, ecce filius tuus. Ad discipulum autem: Ecce mater tua (CAO 2286, Antiphonale Monasticum III, 331)


    The Benedictus is close enough (only 'Erant discipuli' missing at the start) and the Magnificat is an exact match.
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    @smvanroode Thank you very much.

    So they made sure it coud be sung after all. Very good news.
  • Marcel
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    The site of Calithes ( gives also two antiphons, the first one from the Proper of Chartres, the other one from CAO.