Looking for Tenebrae Responsories of Giovanni Battista Martini
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    I am the director of a male choir that is dedicated to liturgical singing in Spain.
    I'm looking for the Tenebrae Responsories by Martini to sing them next Easter with a male choir.
    We have sung on other occasions In Monte Olivetti and Tristis estanima mea, but I find it very difficult to find others.
    If anyone had them, I would appreciate it if you would give them to me.
    Greetings to all
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  • I, too, would be interested in additional responsories. We've used the In Monte and the Tristis Est, but have been challenged finding other responsories.
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    First, let your petitions be known unto IMSLP. Bologna, Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale has the largest collection of mss.; a study by Wiechens is said to catalogue the vocal works.
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  • I got some of them, will scan them and send you.
    Dirk Maes
    Voces Capituli
  • TenebraeTenebrae
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    thank you very much to all. to see if among all we can get all the reponsories and keep celebrating this liturgy, which in Spain has practically been lost and we are some trying to give it a boost.
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    I would be very interested is as well!
    Our male choir has done the Tristesse and the Olivet many times.
    I seem to remember there is a Mass by him online somewhere.

    If any of you like in a large city, you could search in a university music library, they must be published somewhere.
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    Voces, I'd be interested too.
  • Matty
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    And me, too, please.
  • for the vocal works, you might go to http://www.abebooks.com and search on
    "Die Kompositionstheorie und das kirchenmusikalische Schaffen Padre Martinis"

    I see two copies which are not TOO steep.
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