BNSIC Worship Leaflets
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    The Music Department of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, led by Dr. Peter Latona, is now posting its weekly "Worship Leaflets" online, through their Facebook page.

    The National Shrine's Music Department Facebook page is:

    The worship leaflet for April 8, 2018 can be found HERE.
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  • Please also feel free to send a message through the FB page if you'd like a pdf of a past service. :)
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    As someone who has to come up with several worship aids every week, I can't imagine the time involved to design, print, distribute and pick,up thousands of these a week.
  • It's not as bad as it seems - in general the only thing we print in-house is the weekday leaflet. We use a printing company for almost everything else and they deliver everything to us. So it's really just the design part that takes up a lot of time.
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  • Whatever the trouble in providing and using these 'service folders', or 'mass folders', or 'mass leaflets', or whatever they are variously called, they are worth it just to be rid of announcers at mass, who do nothing but disrupt the ritual flow and cruelly interrupt any flow of prayerful thought and focus as the ritual proceeds, as it should, as a seamless garment of ritual thought and act from beginning to end.