Call for Papers - Society for Catholic Liturgy in Miami, Sept. 2018 - Guardini's Spirit of the Litur
  • Call for Papers
    Centenary of the Publication of
    The Spirit of the Liturgy by Romano Guardini

    September 27–29, 2018
    Cathedral of St. Mary
    Miami, Florida

    A touchstone of the twentieth-century Liturgical Movement, Romano Guardini’s Spirit of the Liturgy marks its centennial year of publication in 2018. For the occasion of its annual conference, The Society for Catholic Liturgy invites submissions for academic papers and pastoral presentations on topics related to Guardini’s work.

    - Expositions on the life and work of Romano Guardini
    - The legacy of Guardini and The Spirit of the Liturgy
    - The place of Guardini within the twentieth-century Liturgical Movement
    - The Spirit of the Liturgy and the Second Vatican Council
    - Problematics posed or introduced by The Spirit of the Liturgy
    - The relationship between Guardini’s and Ratzinger’s The Spirit of the Liturgy
    - Relationships between the following in The Spirit of the Liturgy:
    o Nature and grace, or nature and “cultural heritage”/civilization
    o The individual and the community, the parish and the universal Church, or more generally the particular and the universal
    o Change and stability
    o Emotions, the mind, truth, or the will, etc.
    o Vertical and horizontal aspects of the liturgy
    o Liturgy and the moral life
    o The subjective and the objective
    o Popular piety/devotions, the spiritual life, and the liturgy
    o Lex orandi and lex credendi
    o Externality and internality
    o Freedom and restraint
    o Individual “style” and universality of expression
    o The material and the spiritual
    o Purpose and meaning
    o Beauty, truth, and goodness
    o Logos and ethos
    o Contemplation and activity
    - The role of the following in the liturgy, according to Guardini’s work
    o Christ as figure or actor
    o Repetition
    o “Active participation”
    o Sacrifice
    o Humility
    o Sensibilities of the modern man
    o Mystery
    o Symbolism and typology
    o Playfulness
    o Minimalism or simplicity
    o Rubrics and rules
    - The problems of aestheticism, moralism, Kantianism, or didacticism vis-à-vis the liturgy
    - Reception and application of principles of The Spirit of the Liturgy in the post-modern context, or within Guardini's own time
    - The place of The Spirit of the Liturgy within Guardini’s oeuvre
    - Guardini’s liturgical praxis and ars celebrandi
    - Guardini’s work with youth
    - Liturgy and technology

    Other proposals will be considered, but primary consideration will be given to proposals that are related to the conference theme.

    Paper proposals of approximately 250 words should be emailed to or mailed to Jennifer Donelson, 201 Seminary Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10704. Proposals must be received by Friday, May 4, 2018.

    Presentations will be 45 minutes in length, followed by 15 minutes of discussion. Papers presented will be considered for publication in the SCL’s journal Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal. Presenters must register for the full conference and will be responsible for their own expenses.
  • Deadline for submissions is tomorrow!