New Book: Holy Week Chants (1962)
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    There are some pretty good resources for the 1962 Holy Week rites and chants. But my choir kept falling back on printouts from the Solesmes Mass and Vespers (available as a mediocre scanned PDF, but very rare in print) because the inline/side-by-side translations were so convenient during the long ceremonies. (And several didn't own the 'up-to-date' Libers with the revised Holy Week).

    And so, in hope of having something that would work better for us, I ended up putting together a new 300 page book that had everything together (see index/contents) with translations on the same page, so we wouldn't need to switch between books, printouts, and hand missals to both sing and follow the ceremonies.

    I know it is a bit close to Palm Sunday this year, but I hope it might still be useful for others.
  • Two questions... the page jumps are intentional? You are skipping certain sections to focus on what's needed for the choir?

    Also, quick glance looks like the final verse on the 2nd Pueri is not quite finished...

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    When exactly is Inventor rutili sung?
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    Yes, I just pulled a few pages from the book to show what it looks like.

    I put several chants in the appendix that I thought might be useful in some situations, including Inventor rutili, which is a medieval hymn for the lighting of the new fire. I got that from Laszlo Dobszay, who in 'Restoration and Organic Development' proposes singing several verses during the procession to the fire at the beginning, then a final verse after the third Lumen Christi and before the Exsultet.
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    A fine project!