Passer invenit (American Gradual)
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    I always stumble on the first pass of the Communion Passer invenit, and after this week figured it's worthwhile to prepare for OT 16. With apologies in advance, here is how I sing Bruce Ford's restored chant in The American Gradual (I'm sorry Illuminare doesn't seem to allow for copyright footers). Dr. Ford and I have complementary attitudes towards Solesmes markings: while I eschew icti and most poco rall. episemata, he is skeptical of a large variety of barlines ;-). I have found it prudent to change some punctuation of the text as well.

    I very much regret the loss of the turtle dove! If a big barline were really wanted before "Altaria", one might prefer the BCP colon "..her young: even thine altar, ..." used in Burgess and Palmer, or even the NAB construction "As the sparrow finds a home and the swallow a nest to settle her young, My home is by your altars, ...".

    user-notes: Passer invenit, Lent III;
    commentary: American Gradual;
    annotation: CO. iii;
    centering-scheme: english;
    %fontsize: 12;
    %spacing: vichi;
    %font: OFLSortsMillGoudy;
    %width: 4.5;
    %height: 11;
    The(f) spar(fh)row(h) * has(h) found(ixi') her(ih)self(ij) a(j) house,(ixh_i) (;)
    and(ixhi~) the(gh) swal(fg)low(gh) a(fg) nest(g.) (,)
    where(g) she(ixh_iii) may(fgf) lay(f) her(exegf) young:(fgd.) (;)
    by(f) the(f) side(ixgih) of(j) your(jh) al(jkj)tars,(ixhih) (,) O(fh) Lord(ixh_iii) of(gh) hosts,(h.g.) (,)
    my(hfh) king(ghffd.) (,) and(d) my(dfg) God.(ghe_/fde ddc.) (:)
    Bless(df)ed(f) are(fd) they(fg/h.g.) (,)
    who(ixih) dwell(ixi_jkjk) in(ixi) your(gj) house:(ixjih.) (;)
    they(ixhih) will(ge) al(ghg/hg)ways(fge.) be(efgfgh) prais(dewf)ing(de) you.(d.) (::) ()()()Verses ad libitum:() (Z)

    How(f) dear(gh) to(h) me(h) is(h) your(h) dwell(j)ing,(ixi) O(i) Lord(i) of(hg) hosts!(ixiii) (:)
    My(hf) soul(gh) has(h) a(h) de(h)sire(h) and(h) long(h)ing(h) for(h) the(h) courts(ixiih) of(gf) the(gh) Lord.(f.g.) (::z)

    Glo(f)ry(gh) to(hr) the(h) Fa(h)ther,(h) and(h) to(h) the Son,(h) and(h) to(h) the(h) Ho(j)ly(ixi) Spir(hg)it:(ixiii) (:)
    as(hf) it(gh) was(h) in(h) the(h) be(h)gin(h)ning,(h) is(h) now,(h) and(h) will(h) be(h) for(ixiih)ev(gf)er.(g) A(h)men.(f.g.) (::)