Organ During Lent? Nope!
  • Well, that's true... EF is supposed to be governed by the '62 rubrics, not by a mix of current and "old".
  • ClemensRomanusClemensRomanus
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    That’s true.
  • dad29
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    In Lent the playing of the organ and musical instruments is allowed only in order to support the singing. Exceptions, however, are Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent), Solemnities, and Feasts.

    It appears that Clemens' take is spot-on. The '02 GIRM does not distinguish between "lent" and "the Triduum."
  • Liam
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    The 1988 circular letter about the liturgies of Holy Week was even clearer: see No. 50:
  • a_f_hawkins
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    I noticed that instruction (Paschales solemnitatis) permits the adding of congregational responses to the Exsultet
    84. The deacon makes the Easter Proclamation which ... The Bishops' Conferences may adapt this proclamation by inserting into it acclamations from the people.
    It may, of course, no longer apply.
    I also noticed that a spell-checker has altered #54 by subsituting 'crossbar' for the correct word crossbearer.