Liturgy Conference - Oregon: June 27-30, 2018
  • Una Voce (Oregon) is announcing the 2018 Sacred Liturgy Conference. This is geared toward both the OF and EF.

    From the coordinator:

    ... We have an amazing faculty again this year including Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Rev. Cassian Folsom, OSB, Bishop James Conley, Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth and many other distinguished presenters. This will be the 6th annual liturgy conference held in the Diocese of Portland in Oregon. Last year's conference was a huge success with 400 attendees from around the country. To learn about this year's conference see our website at:

    An ‘Early Bird Special’ registration period ends March 1st.

    Here is a link to our ‘Media Kit’ which includes a press release, promo video, and conference flyer.

    For those who might be interested...
  • Incardination,

    How does Una Voce present anything on the OF?
  • Chris, I think the information you are looking for is within the links provided. The conference is sponsored by Schola Cantus Angelorum. Una Voce (Oregon) provides logistical support to the conference which is structured to both OF and EF liturgies.
  • What an inspiring roster of faculty!
    I regret that I cannot attend.
    Nor do I doubt that it will be any but a profound experience!
  • rollingrj
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    Pity it's the same week as Colloquium XXVIII.