Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep
  • francis
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    An interesting parallel in this (1934) video of a very timely presentation to the masses... one of the tactics of freemasonry is to expose their intentions to the masses in order to make them think it is so obvious a subversion and therefore highly unlikely.

    BTW...notice that the authority figures are wearing an 8 pointed star.

    Watch the Youtube Video from
    13:40 - 19:45

    The dance with modernism and the masonic movement

    Bo peep are the deceived shepherds of the Roman Catholic Church at the time.

    The Pied Piper is the Masonic Modernist Agenda putting the church in a shackle as she shudders to think of having lost her sheep compromising with the "most unusual, energetic and resourceful... not interested?" then we will shackle you until you agree 'false assistant'. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

    And then WITHOUT proposing, the pied piper announces to all, the marriage of masonry to the RCC. The act of VII :)

    (I can with authority speak to this because my Father was a mason.)