What Gregorian ordinaries do your Congregation know?
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    I am curious to know what Gregorian ordinaries people are using with their congregations (not so much with choirs), particularly in the O.F. Settings can be from the Kyriale Romanum, Kyriale Simplex, or even a Messe en Pleinchant.

    We do:

    Mass I (lux et origo): Kyrie
    Mass VIII: Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus
    Mass XI: Kyrie
    Mass XV: Gloria
    Mass XVI: Kyrie
    Mass XVII: Kyrie A (mode I), Kyrie B (mode VI), Sanctus, Agnus
    Mass XVIII: Sanctus, Agnus
    Cantus ad libitum: Agnus II
    Simplex Ord. III: Sanctus (more Ambrosiano)

    We also use Ralph Bednarz's mode VI "Meinrad" Glory to God.

    And we will begin learning Sanctus XI this week.
  • For the English Novus Ordo Mass congregation sings...

    Four kyries - Roman missal, Mass VIII (de Angelis), XII (Pater cuncta), and XVIII (Advent/Lent)
    Gloria - ICEL
    Sanctus - XVIII
    Agnus Dei - XVIII


    For Tridentine Latin Mass, congregation sings...

    Mass I - Lux et origo
    Mass VIII - de Angelis
    Mass XI - Orbis Factor
    Mass XVII - Advent/Lent
    (also do Mass XII Pater cuncta although not in file below)


  • we sing Kyriales I, VIII, IX, XI, XVII
    also Requiem
    and plan to work on Mass V

  • At Walsingham we know Cum jubilo in English translation (which is in the back of the 1940). While we should be singing it on all Marian solemnities, I'm disappointed to say that we sing it only during Advent and Lent.
  • MJO - apart from Marian feasts, we also use Cum jubilo on Holy Thursday, and on Pentecost Sunday.
    Not sure how the custom got started; it was that way when i arrived. nice though
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    We use...
    --Jubilate Deo
    --de Angelis
    --Orbis Factor
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    English Novus Ordo (Sat 5:00) (Sun 8:00) (Sun 11:00)

    Since Sep 1996 ..
    Missa VIII (de angelis) K G S A .. weekend after first friday
    Missa XI (orbis factor) K S A .. lent season
    Missa XVII (salve) K S A .. advent season, christmas season [+G de angelis]
    Missa XVIII (defuntos) S A .. various times

    Espanol Novus Ordo (Sun 9:30)

    Since Oct 2016 ...
    Missa VIII (de angelis) K G S A .. every sunday [starting Jun -S -A]
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    Mass I, II, IV, IX, XI, XIV, XVII...
    Credo I, II, IV, VI