Richard Keys Biggs
  • Dear musiclovers, once again I turn to you. I am looking for a mass by Richard Keys Biggs. It's official title is 'Mass in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi' for 3 male voices and organ. As it is based on the theme 'Puer natus est' I hope to find it in time for Christmas.
    Dirk Maes
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Oddly, there's a copy at Ave Maria University. But neither the record for that one or the U. of North Texas copy lists a scoring (and so many of these were published in various scorings.)

    It looks like this is a job for a private collector.
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    JQ, was this SoCal fellow Biggs the one who curated and arranged vocal music from the California Missions?
  • dad29
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    He was the father-in-law to Roger Wagner....
  • Dirk, I'll try too get a copy for you from his daughter.
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  • Wow, Paul, thank you very much for trying. I found some masses by Biggs, but the one I am looking for is nowhere to find. If you would get a copy, please include the adress of his daughter. I would love to keep her posted about us singing her father's music.
  • Dear Paul, did you have any luck yet ?
  • Dear Paul, ... Christmas is crawling near ... any luck yet on the mass ?
  • I called his daughter today and she will look for it.
  • great ! Thanks
  • Dear Paul, did you hear anything about the mass ?
  • His daughter is sending me the music.
  • ronkrisman
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    My understanding is that McLaughlin & Reilly, the publisher of Biggs' Mass in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, was acquired by the Summy-Birchard Company.

    And Summy-Birchard, while still using that name on publications, since 1988 has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., 10585 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025.

    One could enquire of Warner/Chappell whether they still have available for purchase the Biggs' Mass setting in question (as well as other works published by McLaughlin & Reilly).
  • Dear Paul, I haven't heard of you since october 9. Any news on the mass by Biggs ? I tried all the suggestions by ronkrisman (thanks !), but alas, no succes.
  • such a pity it didn't arrive in time for christmas this year. Still hope to get it for next year then.
  • It has been months since I heard from you ! Still hope the mass is coming my way.
  • Felipe Gasper
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    Dirk, did you try to contact Summy-Birchard or Warner/Chappell directly? Just a thought.