NPM - Cincinnati - Meet & Greet
  • Anyone attending in Cincinnati this year, it would be great to meet you in person at the GIA booth or The Verdin Company booth (#213/215).

    Note that Syndyne has released a Remote Control Pro-Filer Midi Organ Player for pipe or digital organs - very useful for those who prefer chant organ intonations when the organ itself is at a distance and there is no one to play it. That will be at Verdin.

    Sample copies of our books will be on display, usual convention pricing.

    noel jones

  • Amazed at the number of organists, from beginners and excited to learn more to serious organists, here. Since most of the sessions are not organ-oriented, possibly they tend to gravitate to and enjoy taking with organists in the organ booths.

    It's nice meeting CMAA members face to face, as well. Very nice and the highpoint of the week so far.
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  • ChoirpartsChoirparts
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    Livestream link:

    Also, Chant being discussed at the NPM convention.... at the 3:30 mark
  • Noel,

    It was great to finally meet you in person during the NPM Convention. I enjoyed our conversation. Many blessings on your wonderful projects and endeavors.
  • Thank you, Father!

    As promised, the picture of a CMAA member at NPM holding a new GIA book....

  • Heath
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    Noel, that books looks great for some of my students! . . . but unfortunately no sample pages at the GIA site (sigh).

    Can we see a page or two?
  • Heath, thanks for the interest!

    I am an ocean away until August 1 and they are not on this computer, but will do so when I am back, great suggestion.
  • For those interested in a few sample pages, email me -