Southeastern Sacred Music Workshop - Saint Brigid, Johns Creek, GA
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    Dear Sacred Music Colleagues:

    On Friday and Saturday, 21-22 July, the Southeastern Summer Sacred Music Workshop will be held at Saint Brigid Catholic Church in Johns Creek, Georgia. More information is available at, including faculty and repertoire. The music packet will be posted in the next few days.

    Just a tease, though: we will be singing a Communion by Ludwig Senfl (1486-1543), student and successor of Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517) at the court of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor. This setting was recently transcribed from a 16th-Century mensural part book and does not appear to be in print anywhere. Furthermore, the version of the chant on which Senfl, Isaac and other contemporaries based their settings is different from the one in the modern Graduale Romanum; so the Advanced Women's Schola will sing the version from the Graduale Nitriensis before the Senfl.

    Among the faculty are Rev. Charles Byrd, pastor, and Bridget Scott, DOM at Our Lady of the Mountains in Jasper, GA; Janet Gorbitz, General Manager of the CMAA; Dr. Albert Ahlstrom, Director of Music at Holy Spirit in Atlanta; Maria McDaniel Willathgamuwa, mezzo-soprano, a professional singer, voice teacher and recent convert to the Catholic faith; Mary Garner and Andrea Shepherd Tierney of the Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul in Chattanooga, TN; and Jonathan Eason, DOM at Saint Brigid.

    Breakout sessions to include the following:
    Dr. Albert Ahlstrom: Organ Improvisation on Gregorian Melodies
    Janet Gorbitz: Spanish-language chant resources (much needed in our area)
    Bridget Scott: Strategies for Implementing Sacred Music in your Parish (also much needed)
    Mary Garner and Andrea Shepherd Tierney: Teaching Chant to Children and Adapting the Ward Method to a Parish Setting
    Maria McDaniel Willathgamuwa: Putting the "Well" into "Who sings well, prays twice"
    Jonathan Eason: It's OK if you Don't Sing

    I'll post the entire music lineup in a subsequent comment. All are welcome! Regular registration has been extended through 14 July.
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    Music Lineup for Closing Mass:

    Organ Prelude: Dr. Ahlstrom
    Introit: Behold, God is my Helper (Palmer-Burgess Gradual); Advanced Men/Eason
    Kyrie: Mass XI; All/Scott
    Gloria: Ambrosian; All/Scott
    Responsorial Psalm: Lord, you are good and forgiving (new setting by Jonathan Eason)
    Alleluia Eripe Me (Graduale Romanum); Advanced Women/Scott
    Offertory: Dr. Jon Naples, Iustitiæ Domini; All/Scott
    Sanctus: Mass XI; All/Scott
    Anamnesis: Mortem Tuam (RM3); All/Scott
    Doxology and Amen with optional harmony; All/Scott
    Agnus Dei: Mass XII; All/Scott
    Communion Acceptabis from Graduale Nitriensis; Advanced Women/Scott
    Polyphonic Communion Acceptabis: Ludwig Senfl; Advanced Polyphony/Eason
    Motet: Salve Regina, D. 386: Schubert; Polyphony/Eason
    Hymn: Earth, with All its Thousand Voices (AUSTRIAN HYMN); All
    Postlude: Dr. Ahlstrom
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    Bumping because I hope we might get some traffic from other CMAA members. :)

    But seriously .... no one found the Senfl interesting?
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    The Senfl was lovely!
    Thank you.