Need Suggestions! Young Ladies' choir SA/SSA/SS type music
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    I am looking for suggestions of women's voices choral music/polyphony that is either SA, SSA, or SS (like sop and a mezzo line); I guess I could even try using pieces that are ST and just sing the tenor line up the octave.

    I will be working to hash out a plan for our newly formed girls/teen choir for ages 11-18, and they definitely will be capable of singing in 2 parts, and maybe 3, with some help from our altos in the adult choir/women schola.

    I know of some pieces by Rheinberger and Faure as far as Romantic era music goes, and the 3pt anthologia put together by Ravanello which we have used some, but was looking to broaden what I know!

    Hit me with some suggestions, from any other composers of Catholic sacred music. Pieces must be in latin though! (we are a TLM parish) Can be a capella pieces, or some with organ (but not anything w/ more instruments than that.)

    And anyone PLEASE direct me to the best places to acquire works by Rheinberger.

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    Lindusky's Tricinia. These consist of works by Palestrina, Victoria, and Festa. It's also helpful that one of the lines (usually the top) is cantus firmus, so you'll have a head-start by knowing the chant. You should be able to find a pdf copy if you search through the forum. (It's originally written for TTB, but Fr. Lindusky says in the introduction that it's just as viable to sing the Bass up an octave.)

    If you want a good resource for Rheinberger, have you checked out Manfred Hoessl's website? He has a good selection.
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    Also - Fr. Carlo Rossini's Canticum Novum has some nice selections, if you're up for that sort of thing.
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    You might take a look at two part motets by Orlando di Lasso. Here's a set at CPDL:

    Clefs might be a little strange for SA, but you can also find many of these on CPDL individually. The SA in my choir have sung "Oculus non vidit" before, from one of the versions on this page:
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    Ave Maria by Lorenzo Perosi, for SA+accompaniment
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    This is my setting of the NO Assumption offertory for an SSA voicing from 2014; it could serve as an extra motet since the EF has a different text assigned. Modern but tonal harmonic idiom; some text painting, and a straight chant quote form the Offertoriale. Tight harmonies, so it needs some rehearsal, but a good fit for the liturgy.

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    Should they need an ordinary, Villa-Lobos' Missa Sao Sebastiao is a winner. Faure has a lovely setting of the Tantum ergo for SSA chorus and soli with organ. Probably your best source of information is the director of choral activities at your local (or, given the internet, not-so-local) women's college. St. Mary's in Indiana even has its own choral series.
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    You should be able to use some of my free Music for Compline arranged for our all women, Voces angelorum. Open this link to my drop box and download the Voces file. There are hundreds of service music pieces for S, SS, SA, SSA, SAT, SSAA, SSAAT including dozens of Psalm settings for women. Yes, we have five 'tenors'; kind of a rarity. There are Orisons/opening sentences; Hymn settings; Lessons; Responsories; about 50 versions of the Nunc dimittis; Antiphons and Anthems. I've tried to keep the top voice at or under top line f. All of these are a cappella.
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    Dulcis Christe by Grancini is a lovely and not-too-difficult two-part motet that I have done several times.

    Good luck!
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    Perhaps Durufle's Tota pulchra (SSA), although it's not public domain. While it's still Easter, you could do Charpentier's Regina Caeli (SS).
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    I haven't personally performed this, but I had planned to if I hadn't been canting the Easter Mass on my own.
    Ave verum corpus