Viols in church!
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    Some time ago, one of our threads wandered off (as is their wont) onto the suggestion of accompanying Anglican chant with a viol consort. For those of you in New England, here's your chance to do just that--or some other viol-y project you've been hankering to do. Behold:

    The Viola da Gamba Society--New England Gian Lyman Silbiger Grant is a competitive award which supports New England viol players and vocal ensembles who wish to present music appropriate for viol consort and voices. The grant is available to churches, synagogues, small choruses and ensembles eager to explore this beautiful repertoire in a service or public concert setting. Applicants may include a variety of repertoire, but with a minimum of three viol players and one vocal soloist.

    The matching grant pays a total of $600 (six hundred dollars) for the viol players and an additional $100 for the viol player/organizer. The sponsoring organization must pledge a minimum of an additional $30 per player, which must be arranged for, and provided by, that organization to each player.

    The Selection Committee emphasizes the following guidelines:

    •Musical excellence and repertoire of high quality should be fostered.
    •Repertoire chosen should be appropriate to the level of the viol consort and singers.
    •The viol players must be from New England, and the performance site must also be in New England.
    •Musicians may include a mixture of professional and amateur players, or may be fully professional.
    •New audiences for viol music should be actively sought through publicity provided to local media and in the printed program or bulletin.

    The Grant was begun in 1995, and its recipients include: Trinity Episcopal Church, Lime Rock, CT (Weelkes, Tomkins, Mico & Gibbons), Temple Beth David,Westwood, MA (Salamone Rossi), Church of Our Saviour, Milford NH (Byrd, Gibbons, Tallis), First Parish in Framingham MA (Byrd), Saint Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church, Blue Hill ME (Ferrabosco, Tye, Byrd), and Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Natick MA (Schutz Christmas Oratorio).

    The grant commemorates the life and work of Gian Lyman Silbiger, viol player, teacher, composer and organist, who taught at the Longy School of Music, McGill University, and Brandeis University in the 1960's and 1970's and also served as the President of the Viola da Gamba Society of America. The grant is supported entirely by VdGS-NE members and friends. Tax deductible contributions are gratefully accepted. Please send to the Treasurer, Viola da Gamba Society New England, PO Box 192, Belmont, MA 02478.

    Applying for the Silbiger Grant:

    The Silbiger Grant is awarded yearly on an academic year schedule.

    (Note that, among the grant recipients listed above, NOT ONE of them is a Catholic congregation. You could be the first!)
  • I'd say that connections with the parishes and the members of the ensemble brought about the choice of churches - but I bet that they would be open to a Catholic parish that would be receptive and supportive...meaning that had a music program of quality that already brings people in for the music program. (must admit, I do play gamba, so I've got a slanted view)
  • Considering their role in Medici intrigue I've always been opposed to vials in church.
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    Considering their role in Medici intrigue I've always been opposed to vials in church.

    You are vile enough on your own without additional help.
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    My suspicion, Noel, is that no Catholic congregation has ever applied for this grant--in my experience of these things, the applicant pool is usually fairly small. I have no doubt that the committee would be extremely receptive if one were to do so. That's all the more reason to apply, if you and your choir are in New England.

    MJO, surely you would make an exception for San Gennaro? :)
  • ...surely...

    Of course!
    Gennaro was not a Medici!
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  • It would be a great experience...especially at a Mass with many children.
  • I believe that in church is actually where our Lord would prefer them -
    he did, after all, say 'come unto me all ye that travail and are heavy laden'.