Polyphonic Mass logistics in an EF Mass
  • I haven't had issues of priests speaking loudly into the mic; most priests who celebrate the vetus ordo would be abhorred by such a thing. I was told by my priest to start the benedictus once he genuflected after having elevated the chalice. I'm attaching a helpful little choreography guide that I made for my choir the first time they sang a TLM.
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  • Among Anglicans who do this sort of thing, we have typically just sung them together

    Anglo-Catholics have tended to be rubrically behind Rome. That's certainly how we did it in my ACC church. While the split was customary, it wasn't black-letter until 1958 (for composed Mass settings only, not chant). It helps keep things clear for the celebrant. But it always seems awkward to do a compact setting like Willan St. Teresa, and then come back in for 6 measures.
  • Just so

    I’d like to partially reconsider what I said perhaps more vehemently than I should have, on reflection, about the policing of belief. While I stand by the observation that it has led to all kinds of trauma that is anathema to the gospel, I’d like also to acknowledge that -shared- belief, and the practices born of that sharing, is one of the main things that makes a religion itself, and it is of course necessary for everyone participating, whatever their motives, to repect that. As we have been taught, by their fruits are they known.