Collection of music by Ciro Grassi (or his mass settings)?
  • Stella611
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    I have discovered I really like music by Ciro Grassi.
    I know his marian antiphons and a few other motets are public domain, but I am curious about trying to acquire some of his other works, especially getting a look at some of his mass settings.
    A list of works are here:

    But I am not having any luck searching the internet for any book collection of his works, or sheet music to buy individually.

    Anyone have any knowledge where I can get his music that is NOT public domain?
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Several motets by Grassi are in Secunda Anthologia Vocalis (Liturgica), Op. 66, by Oreste Ravenello, available here at MusicaSacra (and also at IMSLP):
  • Stella611
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    Yes, I have those motets, as I indicated above. But I am wondering where I can get any of the rest of his music, that is not public domain?
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    Have you checked WorldCat and tried to get anything through inter-library loan?
  • There's nothing out there, per WorldCat. Holding libraries are either in Italy or Catholic Institute of Sydney. (1 organ work at the Leopold Foundation in NC) 8 WC titles, 1 holding of each. Nothing at IMSLP either. Of the things on the list, everything seems to be PD in the US and Canada. Nothing of Grassi's will be PD in Europe until 2022.

    Most US libraries are included in WorldCat. so nothing is likely to pop here unless privately held. There's probably a good bit in Italy (which is mostly NOT "World"Cat), if one can find it. The nachlass is probably in Italy. Somebody more local than I needs to find and work with it.
  • You may want to start with the Biblioteca Antoniana (, which may have archives for the basilica choir he was associated with.
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